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The beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountain community of Arnold, California, has been my home for 14 years.  The serene nature that surrounds me continually inspires my drawing, painting, and crafts, including my work with glass.

Some 30 years ago, I discovered the excitement of using glass as a medium for artful expression.  Glass can be worked in so many ways.  The colors of the glass and the reflection of light make endless possibilities as the glass is molded, bent, etched, painted, or fired.

A recently commissioned project entailed the complexity of a Kabuki Theater actor performing a dance of the spirit of a lion.  This work required extensive painting and repeated firings to create the intricate fabric designs.

In another exciting project, my husband, William Poulson (also a glass artist) and I were commissioned to do two large murals (4 ft. X 6 ft. and 10 ft. X 6 ft.) for a hotel in  Tokyo, Japan.  The theme was of Tall Ships in Boston Harbor during the Federalist Period.  We researched what people were wearing, and what the harbor and ships looked like in the early 1800s.  We used intricate wire overlay for the ships’ rigging, painted details for the ships’ sterns, the docks, and deckhands.  The satisfying conclusion of our project was being able to go to Japan and install the murals in the hotel.

This dynamic glass medium allows me to create functional art ranging from jewelry, dishes and platters to screens and murals.  This is art you can wear, serve from, display, or use to set the tone of a room.


artist  Bobbette Budworth

Contact: 209-795-5365

Bobbette’s stained glass demonstration.

Video by Ken Jones,

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