Early Boston Harbor Murals


In 2008, the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Japan...

commissioned us to design and build two murals to be installed in the hotel's newly remodeled lounge.  They requested the design to show the tall ships docking at the Boston Harbor during the Federalist Period.  We researched what the Boston Harbor looked like during that time (late 1700s), how the ships looked, the type of clothing worn, and got to work!  We constructed the ropes and riggings for the ships  using wire overlays.  The ships’ sterns, the figurehead, clothing and other details were painted (with glass that is crushed to a fine powder) and fired in a kiln to fuse the paint to the glass.

Our exciting conclusion to this mural commission was going to Tokyo, installing the murals at the hotel, and then traveling through Japan for three wonderful weeks.

"Catch the Wind"   6' X 6'

"Foreign Exchange"   10' X 6'

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