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“Thanks to Bill and Bobbette Poulson, we have the elements of an artful home.  We love the  stained glass Japanese scene "Hiroko" they created for our master bath.  Bobbette has created several stained glass pieces for our home, and Bill installed the pieces with his woodworking skills. Bill also created two tables with an Asian flair for our home.  Tell them what you want, or better yet, say ‘make me something beautiful’.  Either way, you will be happy!”


Don and Ann Cervelli

“At Christmastime, I placed a vinyl decoration on the window at the top of my stairs.  When the vinyl decoration fell down after a couple of weeks, I again commented on the stained glass window idea in front of my daughter in law, Rebecca Verkerk, who reminded me of Bill Poulson's studio in Arnold. Bill had custom-made both backgammon and cribbage tables for me previously and I had admired his stained glass works as well.

The first of February, I went into the studio to find both Bill and Bobbette interested in my project. I related my thoughts to include measurements of the window. I explained that I have a glass yellow fish perched on the window ledge of the window beneath and that as it was given to me by my best friend, I would want to incorporate yellow. I also wanted to include California poppies, a bird, and a waterfall reminiscent of, but not specifically,Yosemite.”

“Within a week they came to my house to verify my window's measurements and see the proposed location. Within a few weeks, they called to tell me they had a draft for me to view. They brought it to my home and I was amazed at how they had drafted exactly the scene I had viewed in my mind. Now I began to get intrigued. They told me it would take another few weeks to make the window but it seemed in no time at all they called to see when they could install my stained glass window! Wow! On April 17, they arrived on time with all the tools, including a very tall ladder as my window is a good 12 feet off the ground! They finished right about noon and it was extraordinary. With yellows, oranges, greens and lavenders it truly shimmers with beauty. It is the first thing I see when I walk out of my bedroom in the morning which is a wonderful way to start my day. I enjoy checking it throughout the day to see how the sunshine is highlighting it at the moment. Of course it is also lovely to view from outside.”

“Bobbette and Bill were a pleasure to work with and I am already contemplating where my next window will go.”

M. Sue Griffith

“What great fortune that we commissioned Bill to create memorials in stained glass to my mother and father. I can’t count the number of people who have exclaimed at the beauty of the window of Yosemite Falls (for my mom) and the ceiling panel of Swiss mountains (for my dad). Bill is always excited about his art, which makes him a joy to work with.”


Don Graydon, Index, Washington

“Just had to tell you that the 5 pieces of furniture that you designed and made for us continue to draw oohs and ahs from all who visit. The inlaid work and the fluidity of the design of each piece is truly remarkable! Thank you for listening to how we wanted the furniture to look and using that wonderful creative talent of yours to translate our wishes into such beautiful tables and cabinets. We were looking for something very special and wow did you deliver! Best of all you made the whole process so easy!”

Howard and Lynn Bayer, Playa del Rey, CA

“Many years ago our friend Bill turned his talents to the art of stained glass and , later, to the making of fine wood furniture.  We recognized the fine designs and exquisite workmanship that has become Bill's trademark and that of his wife Bobbette as well, in everything that they do.  Subsequently we have collected and displayed with great pride, pieces of their glass work and furniture in our home.”

Bill & Jan Schumann, San Leandro, CA

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