“4 Seasons of Yosemite”

Yosemite Mural Project

Exquisite Glass Murals


The murals of Yosemite are inspired ...

by the extraordinary beauty of the Yosemite Valley, the words of John Muir, and the paintings by artist Albert Bierstadt.  On a sentimental journey through California, Bill spent three months camped in Yosemite and sketching from different viewpoints of the valley and its surrounding granite cliffs.  From those sketches, he designed and built the first mural, 8' 3"  X 14' 3", showing  Half Dome in the Fall, bathed in the golden evening sunlight.  The Fall Mural, titled "Tissiack" ( the Ahwahneechee Native Americans' name for the Half Dome) took 2 years to complete and was on display at the Ahwahnee Hotel in 1989, and at the visitor's center in Yosemite in 1990 for the Centennial Celebration.

The Winter mural, completed in 2008, is a winter night with the full moon rising over the Cathedral Rocks, and El Capitan on the other side of the snow covered valley. 

The Yosemite Murals are normally on display at our gallery in Arnold.  However, they are currently on loan to the library at the University of California Merced.  Bill has just completed the Spring mural, with the goal of completing all four seasons and finding a permanent home in a public venue.

How does this fundraising  campaign work?

We are using crowd-funding to help finance the completion of this project.  Our current focus is to raise sufficient funds, approximately $15,500,  to pay for the materials for the 4th and final mural, Summer.  We invite you to join our effort during this special time to help us complete this historic project.  By becoming a donor, you will play a vital role in making this art display a reality.  It is both important and fun.   Please tell your family and friends.

Follow our efforts  on our blog as we pursue this dream.





Video by Ken Jones, CalaverasGold.tv

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Fundraising Campaign video. Click arrow to play.

“Summer” to be completed upon funding.

Make out your check for any amount to:

“Yosemite Mural Project”

Mail to:

Poulson Gallery

PO Box 705

Arnold, CA  95223

We Thank you for your donation! 

An historic tribute for the

150th Anniversary

of the Yosemite National Park Grant!

Mural Creater Bill Poulson is interviewed on Cap Radio’s “Insight” show.

Home for the Yosemite Murals?

The plan drawing below is an artist conception of a proposed Visitor Center that would provide a permanent public home for the 4 Season of Yosemite murals.  This is envisioned as a center for the Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway, serving the Calaveras - Tuolumne regions associated with Yosemite. This concept includes a small theater, a conference hall, and several retail areas, as well as an information area for travelers, and a showcase of the murals.

Photos of a model demonstrates the circular and mostly subterranean design. Model by Bill Poulson.

Original Spring Mural design in watercolor.

Yosemite drawings - high quality 11” x 14” print copies of the original drawings by Bill Poulson are now available for sale in the Poulson Gallery.  These are drawings that were made by Bill during his study of the Yosemite landscape in 1986.  $30 each.  All proceeds from sales are contributed to the Yosemite Mural Project fund.

Print copies of original drawings now on sale

8’ 5” x 14’ 3”

8’ 5” x 14’ 3”

Photo by Gary Kattge
Photo by  Mike Rothwell


Newly Completed

8’ 5” x 14’ 3”

Photo by Lynn Glocker